The definitive guide to hosting Ukrainian refugees

Welcome to Hereinspaziert – a little space on the internet, where we provide people who are hosting (or considering hosting) Ukrainian refugees with all the necessary information to make the right decisions. From understanding what’s required to tackling the sometimes-dizzying bureaucracy (without losing your mind), our content is here to make this process as easy and successful as possible. Thanks for visiting!



Before you take refugees into your home, you may have a question or two about what it might entail. We understand. Here you’ll find articles that provide you with the answers, so you can make the best decision for you and the people you live with.  



Once you’ve put your name down to take Ukrainian refugees under your roof, you might be wondering: now what? We’ve got you. Here you’ll find articles about how to prepare your home – and your family – for your new guests.  



When your Ukrainian guests arrive, things tend to pick up speed. After all, bureaucracy awaits. Don’t be intimidated. Here you’ll find articles that help guide you (to guide them) through the process.  


Live together

The living situation you and your Ukrainian guests find yourselves in is not typical, and it will require an adjustment or two. Here are articles that give you tools and resources to make this experience as easy as possible for everyone involved.



You have questions, we have answers. Here you’ll find a (constantly growing) collection of the most common enquiries, addressed in the simplest and clearest way possible.