About us

Everyone deserves a place to call home.

Right now, there are millions of Ukrainians left without shelter because of a war they did not ask for. Fortunately, the people in Germany – you – have opened your hearts and homes to welcome the refugees.

When it comes to hosting refugees in your home, there’s a ton of information that you need to know before you consider hosting, while welcoming them and even for after – how do you find long-term accommodation, organize employment support or manage to live happily and harmoniously together, for example?

Here’s the thing. Quite often, it can be a confusing process where you’re trying to gather all the relevant information, clicking on countless links, googling, listening to elevator music while on hold for the 14th time – and in the end, still not feeling entirely certain about what to expect. Sound familiar? The information that exists is disconnected, scattered or simply too dense and inaccessible.

That’s why we at C3 created Hereinspaziert – to provide potential hosts with all the information that you’ll possibly need to make the best possible decisions for yourselves as well as for the refugees you’ll welcome home.

Because we believe this should be easier. And at C3 we create what matters. Now, today and for the future.

Welcome to Hereinspaziert.

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