Q: Where can I sign up to host?
A: A: Firstly, thank you for showing interest and helping people in need. For a thorough list of organizations that pair Ukrainian refugees with hosts, please read our article “Where can I sign up to host Ukrainian refugees?”

Q: How long do people typically host refugees?
A: This is a complicated answer – anywhere from two weeks to several months.
While the situation is still unfolding, here is some guidance:

  • If you rent: you can host people for up to six weeks without approval from a landlord
  • If you own: two weeks is the shortest amount of time most places ask for, however, be aware that the various registration processes can take more than a month. So, while offering any amount of time is kind (and better than not offering accommodation), periods of more than four weeks – and ideally several months – are preferred.

Q: What is the registration process like? What should I do first when the refugees arrive?
A: This varies from city to city. Take a look at our step-by-step guides to Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, and Stuttgart

Q: Why are there only three questions?
A: We only just launched this site, so are still working hard to find the most accurate information and share it in the easiest to understand way. Rest assured that very soon this FAQ area will be brimming with the answers you seek.