Here you can register as a host

Having a safe roof over their heads is the most important thing for many Ukrainians at the moment. Fortunately, there are many people throughout Germany who want to provide space. In order for the placement of apartments and rooms to go smoothly, we have compiled a list of organizations. Contact one of these addresses if you would like to offer accommodation:

People throughout Germany can offer overnight accommodation for refugees via #Unterkunft Ukraine:

Whoever would like to provide a free room – no matter if it is a child’s room or in a student flat-share – for at least 12 months, can also contact us here:

Moabit-hilft arranges apartments. Using the following form you can provide details about the accommodation you would like to offer:

The initiative “Shelter in Berlin” brings together refugees from Ukraine and people who want to offer shelter:

Those who would like to make an apartment or a room available can also post their offer in the following Facebook group:

Anyone who would like to offer apartments or rooms for rent to refugees can contact us here:

On the Facebook page “Refugees, welcome to Stuttgart” there is the possibility to offer accommodation or other help. You can simply write in the group:

Anyone wishing to provide real estate for housing refugees:

Anyone who would like to offer temporary accommodation for refugees can contact Munich Volunteers and enter details of the accommodation in the following form:–XMWbSg/viewform

You can also offer housing via the central online form of the Bavarian Ministry of the Interior. The offers will be passed on to the governments and municipalities, which will contact you if necessary:

If you would like to provide apartments or shared rooms for recognized refugees with right of abode and residence permit, you can contact us here:

If you can offer larger properties that have sanitary facilities, are socially acceptable and financially reasonable, contact us at:

The Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund arranges accommodations. Enter details about your accommodation in the form:

Those who want to offer long-term housing can contact the non-profit housing company Lawaetz:

Anyone who would like to offer land or a building for the establishment of a refugee shelter can find contact here: