First steps for refugees arriving in Munich

You have taken in refugees in your home. What now? A registration process awaits you – and it can seem confusing and quite complicated. To help you get through it as smoothly as possible, here’s a clear step-by-step guide to help your guests settle in.

1. registration, registration and residence permit

Refugees from Ukraine are generally allowed to stay in Germany without a visa for 90 days. However, in order to be allowed to work or receive government assistance, they must register within these 90 days of arrival in Munich. Those who are registered have a legal right to government assistance.

In Munich, there are three steps required for registration, registration at the citizens’ office and application for a residence permit, which you can help your guests with:

1.1 Registration

Those who have not yet been registered directly upon arrival must register with the Government of Upper Bavaria. To do so, simply send an e-mail with your contact details to The mail should contain the following data:

1.2 Apply for a residence permit:

If the refugees already have private or public accommodation in Munich, they register with the address of their residence at the citizens’ office. You must make an appointment online in advance.

1.3 Application for residence permit:

After the first two steps, refugees from Ukraine can obtain a residence permit from the Foreigners’ Registration Office, which also allows them to work. This is initially valid for one year. To apply, send an email to with the following information and documentation:

The immigration authorities will then contact your guests. If you have any questions, you can call the office at +49 1525 66 52441 (Monday through Thursday 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. and Friday 7:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.). You can find more current information on the topic on the portal of the city of Munich.

Note: Until further notice, refugees from Ukraine are allowed to use all public transport of the Munich Transport and Tariff Association (MVV) free of charge with their valid personal documents.

2. medical care

For medical treatment, a medical certificate or treatment certificate from the Office for Housing and Migration is required. Your guests will receive the ticket after applying for benefits. You can find out how this works under point 4. Please wait for a response from the Office afterwards. However, if your guests are in acute need of a sick bill, they can come or be brought in person to the office at 89 Wehring Street. In urgent emergencies, treatment can be provided without a medical certificate. For more information on medical care for refugees, visit

General information on this topic can also be found at the AOK. You can use the AOK doctor search to find a practice near you online, and the Techniker Krankenkasse doctor guide can be used to find doctors’ practices with Ukrainian or Russian language skills in particular. On the platform Jameda you can also search for doctors who treat Ukrainian refugees in your area free of charge (in Ukrainian).

3. opening a bank account

Refugees can easily open a basic account at any bank. A basic account basically offers the same options as a checking account for participating in payment transactions. Such an application for a bank account may be refused by banks only for good reason (e.g. if necessary identification documents are missing).

Stadtsparkasse München also offers a free temporary checking account specifically for refugees. This can be opened easily in all branches of the Sparkasse and is free of charge for six months. All your guests need is a Ukrainian identity card.

4. application for benefits

Refugees from Ukraine who arrive in Munich can receive benefits such as cash, costs for accommodation, clothing and health certificates through the City of Munich. The scope of benefits is based on the Asylum Seekers’ Benefits Act. Registration with the government of Upper Bavaria is not necessary for this.

Where the refugees receive the support depends on where they live – whether in a private apartment or in a shelter or hotel.

If your guests are staying with you in a private apartment, they will contact a Social Citizen House (SBH). Which SBH is responsible for you depends on your current address. Enter your address here to find the right SBH. Your guests can come without an appointment. More info on the topic can be found here.

The completed form and the aforementioned documents must be sent by e-mail to Applicant:s will be contacted through their housing and should please not go to the office without an appointment. As soon as processing is possible for them, they will be informed and brought to the office.

If you do not receive a timely response and have an urgent request, you can call here: 089/23396833

Refugees from Ukraine who pay rent for their accommodation can apply for additional financial support for this purpose. To do this, you must provide a simple written agreement with the or landlord. What information it must contain, you can read here (see item “financial support” – financial support for rent). If possible, the documents should be sent in advance by e-mail to

Your guests will receive a medical certificate or treatment certificate for medical treatment after applying for services. More information on this topic can be found under point 2.

5. free SIM card

Telekom provides refugees from Ukraine with free SIM cards for unlimited telephony and data usage. If your guests have not yet received a SIM card, you can get one together with them at its issuing office of Telekom. You must bring valid Ukrainian identity documents for legitimation.

Find a issuing office nearyou here.

6. job search

The Employment Agency supports refugees who are looking for a job or training position in Germany. For comprehensive advice and the placement of specific job offers, they can contact the employment agency responsible for their place of residence. This can be found via the service search. On the way to a suitable job, measures such as the assumption of application costs, coaching and training courses are also possible.

Those who would like to help Ukrainian refugees find jobs should look around the area and ask around to see if there are any relevant applications or offers posted by local organizations. The following links also provide online portals that advertise jobs specifically for Ukrainian refugees: